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Welcome to my blog.

Do you love to explore?

Are you always curious about knowing/learning new things?

Do you believe in a growth mindset?

Yes. Then you will feel like home here.

What do I write? Why do I write?

I love to express through words. I used to write journals from my childhood. That habit stuck with me. Besides that, I always love to read and explore diverse topics.

One fine day I decided to share all my enthusiasm, learnings, experiences, values, etc. with everyone. And thus the journey of this blog started.

I write on various topics that are appealing/valuable and worth sharing. Science, health, personal growth, Relationship, Inspiration, friendship, social issues, etc. are some categories of my blog.

Anything which adds some value, insight, knowledge, and helps to become a better human being I love to write. I frequently update the list of my favorite books in the books section.

I publish a new article every Sunday.

I also send out an insightful newsletter to my readers every week. The newsletter usually contains some ideas to ponder about with some books, articles, podcasts, and video recommendations.

Anything that can add some value to your life I try to send through the newsletter. On subscription of this blog, you will get both my articles and newsletter directly in your inbox.

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So, who am I?

My name is Jayabrata Das, in short Joy.

I am a Science enthusiast, pursuing my doctorate. Besides that, I am a serious bookworm, fitness lover, enjoy designing websites, and love to write. Check out my other website to know more about my research and publications.

In one word, I am an explorer or love to be called a polymath.

Leonardo Da Vinci is my hero. I always have a fantasy to go back in the renaissance era and observe Da Vinci’s life. How he conducted his life and mastered so many skills.

As he said, “Learning never exhausts the mind” is the motto of my life.

By nature, I am an ambivert and extremely funny at times. Love to explore different places and meet new people. You know what’s the favorite line about myself I heard, once a spiritual guru told me ‘ Joy, spread joy ‘. That’s short but meaningful right!

My blog is one of the ways to do that.

Once again you are welcome here. I sincerely hope my writings will bring joy to you.

In case you have anything to say mail me at- joy@joyexcel.com. I promise to reply.

It’s easy to connect with me via social media also.

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Jayabrata Das
Jayabrata Das
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Jayabrata Das

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Let’s become a better human.

Hope to keep in touch with you.

Jayabrata Das
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