About Joy



Hi,                                                                                                                                                               Thank you for stopping by.                                                                                                                   My name is Jayabrata Das, in short Joy.                                                                                            I born and brought up in the northern part of West Bengal, India.

 Currently, I am pursuing my doctorate in chemistry at IIT Bombay (Yeah Chemistry fascinates me). 

Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin is my hero. I never believe in the fixed mindset as you can see in the life of my heroes. Learning never exhausts the mind as da Vinci said is the motto in my life. I am very passionate about learning new skills and acquiring knowledge. 

I love to read books (they are my mental foods), write about my experiences and making new friends throughout the world.

Why did I start blogging? Fair question.                                                                                      I used to write diaries in my childhood then suddenly stopped when I finished my bachelor studies. Since then I always felt to do something of my own interest, something I really enjoy. I decided to start writing diaries again (as it gave me a kind of satisfaction), just then the idea of blogging came to my mind where I can share my ideas, experiences, knowledge with the whole world (isn’t it great). That’s OK but what will I write was the next big question. Although every week before starting to write I still have to think about what to write but now I guess I know what is my aim of writing every post. I try to write something which can help us feel better, do better and become the better version of ourselves, cause life is damn short and we have to become better day by day to utilise it fully. If you like my writings don’t forget to subscribe this blog. I hope you will have a great time here.

Although I consider myself an introvert but with some people I become very extrovert. Some people find me very sarcastic and hilarious.                                                                         In case you have any opinion about me or want to suggest me anything, feel free to contact me-

 E-mail- jayexcelll@gmail.com   

You can also click on the social icons below to get in touch with me via Facebook or Linked In. Hope to keep in touch with you.