Are you crazy enough for not being mediocre?

Ever wondered,


what if you are called to jump from a plane 10000 feet above without a parachute just having a net under you, only a crazy person can think about such thing.
But human’s are unique, what seems impossible to one or think about such thing only in the dream can be done by some other human though both are made of same ingredients. Luke Aikins is such an example of a crazy person, read his story here.
But then, probably a crazy person can only understand the real adventures of life and time and again show us why humans are unique.
‘Dream Big’, ‘Chase your dreams’, ‘work hard to fulfill your dreams” are some lines all of us used to hear from childhood but as we grow up those lines seems good to read only in books or maybe as wallpapers in desktops. In routine lives, we even forget how we want to live our life. But some people are crazy enough not to just hear those lines but truly believing them in order to live the life they always wanted.
Vijayan a 65-year-old man from Kochi is an example of such crazy person, he has traveled 18 countries with his wife Mohana till now and the number will increase surely.
Hey, that’s great but what is craziness in this? traveling is his passion so he travels.
But wait he doesn’t have a big package job neither he owns any big company.He is merely a tea seller in Kochi (India) and manages all his money by just selling tea. It’s not that he is a millionaire by selling tea, he has very average income, not at all enough to travel foreign destinations, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for traveling. He takes loan from a bank for traveling then repay that loan over two to three years.Also, he never travels alone he says ‘we must share our happy moments with someone’ so he always travel along with his wife Mohana.
They have traveled Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia amongst other countries, their last visit is in the USA, also they planned for their next trip to Russia.
It really sounded like a fantasy or fiction when the first time I read his story but then man like him strengthen our belief that ‘ Dreams are not fantasies, they are meant to be fulfilled’. But what inspires this man to live such a life, hear from him in his documentary- Invisible wing
This universe is full of mysteries and we ourselves don’t know what we are capable of, only way to learn something about life is to step out of our comfort zones, people like Vijayan shows us no obstacle can prevent us from living the life we truly want, if only we have the knowledge and faith in ourselves . And here is what he said

People need to work hard, but not forget to chase their passion. Love your work, the work will pay you. But keep your passion alive

People tell Vijayan, his travel bug is a crazy one, to which he said everyone has a craze and with willpower and hard work you can be truly crazy.

Salute to you . Some photos of the couple-

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