• Photo by Luisa Azevedo on Unsplash

    A Girl in another Universe

    ‘Another flight miss, uffff!’ she exclaimed. In  last 6 months, she missed almost 3-4 flights of her. It’s her don’t care attitude which cost her heavily in terms of flight missing. Most of the cases she started just 1 hour before the flight departure or in some cases even less than that. Although the distance between the Airport and the place she lives is 44 km. On the other hand,…

  • Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

    What will you be remembered for?

    Ronit was in hurry, it’s already 6 P.M and he had to reach his friend Nikhil’s house by 7 P.M. After all, it’s Nikhil’s birthday, how could he be late but considering the traffic situation in the town it looked very difficult to Ronit to reach at the time. Anyhow Ronit managed to reach there at 7.30 P.M,  ‘Hey Ronit you are late even today‘ said Nikhil. ‘Sorry bro but…

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