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The Age of Lost Humanity: Are We Yet to See the Worst?

Happy environment day guys. I know for most of us it’s just an another day.

But we humans have only invented this day to ponder a little more about our environment, where we live. So let us introspect

Have you ever heard about someone who destroyed his/her own house, where he/she used to live?

Stupid question right! why would anyone do that. In that sense, we humans are the stupidest creature on earth because only we are only destroying our own home, our planet.

And of course, unlike your own home of bricks, earth solely belongs to no one right. Perhaps, that is the problem, this planet belongs to each one of us. We keep pondering about whose responsibility it is to look after the earth?

I mean it’s not your personal property neither mine, so should we give any damn about this?

The government, NGOs, Organizations should think about this, isn’t it what most of us think?

Anyway, I don’t want to explore these further. Rather a recent incident that took place in the southernmost state of India, Kerala, inspired me to write this article.

I am sure a lot you must have heard about this. probably, the most trending news in social media at this moment.

A pregnant elephant was killed by a group of people by feeding the elephant a pineapple stuffed with crackers. The lower jaw of the elephant burst and eventually it died. You can read more here.

See, I don’t want to bash the people whoever has done it. It’s not just a few people’s cruelties, it’s the collective failure of us, as a society, as a nation, and as humans.

And this is not an isolated incident. Cruelty on animals is going on all the country, all over the world forever. Just a Google search will give you an idea.

There are incidents like rape of cows, goats, dogs, etc. Maybe we haven’t given our attention to these incidents. There are incidents like throwing a dog from the terrace for just fun or mass murder of other animals.

The dog rape rate in this country is in the same range as the women’s rape incident, according to an NGO.

And who are the culprits in all these cases?

Yes, the most intelligent/developed creature on this planet. We humans. And most of them are not illeterate people but educated and esteemed people according to our society.

People who commit these crimes are not from any isolated place. They live among us. You perhaps know a lot of them. They might be your friend.

This behavior towards animals (or even towards humans) by some people is not any sudden incident. It doesn’t happen overnight. A series of incidents have gone through before the actual crime.

See around you, there are people who like to beat street dogs, cats, or any animal. There are people who don’t think twice before killing an animal. These people have an innate belief that it is the nature of animals to harm humans.

Maybe this time it’s an elephant, which is bigger in size and the way of killing is too barbaric, that’s why it has caught attention of so many people.

But I assure you that such incidents are pretty common and happen almost daily in this country. Animal cruelty is common on the whole planet.

But of course, who cares about them?

They don’t have any rights in our society, they can’t even vote. Yes, there are laws for them in almost every country. But in a world where even people don’t get justice (often), do you think animals will?

Most importantly, this whole incident or incidents have forced me to rethink about our norms in society.

How would you define a well-educated person? Who is educated? Why would you call someone educated?

We have reached to a point where we relate education with someone’s degrees, or his/her status, salary, net worth, etc. If you are thinking like this, you must reevaluate your thinking.

We have given so much value on developing hard skills that we forgot to teach about basic human qualities.

Did your school or college teach you about empathy, compassion, accountability, trustworthiness, teamwork, etc.?

I doubt they did not.

As a result, what we get after so many years of education is people with psychopathic character disorder (a lot of them).

In fact, a study has been done to show a correlation between animal abuse and human violence. This is obvious right!

According to studies, the major motivations behind animal abuse are- mood enhancement to relieve boredom, to experience sadism by seeing the suffering of the animal, sexual gratification, to control animals through inflicting pain, etc.

And if you have felt pain and compassion for that pregnant elephant, then my friend, you should see the bigger picture of animal cruelty which you may not even aware of.

Hoarded animals, factory animals, entertainment animals suffer all kinds of barbarity. But people there don’t want you to know this. That’s why you don’t see them in social media often.

Have you heard about slaughterhouses?

You must have heard about hell. This is exactly the hell for animals. See the video below if you have guts-

This is the scenario all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to become vegeterian. You know better what’s good for you. I am just trying to show you some hidden but cruel scenarios of our world.

If you have felt pain for the elephant then why not for cows, sheep, or other animals.

We say we love animals, our culture worship animals. Then how we are torturing animals even in the name of festivals.

We tie crackers to the tails of animals just for fun, we organize bullfights to enjoy, we kill thousands of animals in the name of sacrifice. The list is really big.

Are not we hypocritic?

Sometimes I ponder what if animals and humans swith places. Interestingly, I even found an amazing video on this. You must see it

A lot of people argue that we dominate animals because we are more intelligent and humans are violent by nature. Our ancestors also used to kill animals.

Yes, perhaps our ancestors also used to kill some animals for survival. But even they found the process to be unsustainable and moved towards agricultural revolution. They became more human.

But what is our reason for killing animals?

Maybe for fun or to vent our own frustrations.

If your heart got wrenched after the elephant news, rather than just sharing and commenting on social media, you should ask yourself the following question-

What can I do from my side to contribute towards a better world for animals?

Perhaps you can’t do much about what’s happening 500 or 50 kilometers from your place with animals.

But you can certainly do something within 100 meters from you. We all are surrounded by animals. Stand for them. Like humans, animals also seek attention, love. They can’t speak for themself but you can be their voice.

And a request, if you don’t want to give your time to animals, that’s ok. But please don’t poke them unnecessarily. Let them live their life.

What I hate most about people is their hypocrisy. I have seen many people who behave as if they adore animals. In reality, these people just love the reaction of animals, not the animal.

A lot of people nowadays have dogs and cats in their home.

Do you think people love them?

Yes, some people do but not all. People just wants to see the reaction of their pet. A lot of people use them just as a toy not as a living being.

Remember animals also have feelings, they also feel pain and joy.

Charity begins at home. If you yourself don’t treat animals in the right way then crying in social media for animals has no value.

Einstein said it perfectly-

Einstein quote

The cruelty happening around the world reminds of how Indian scriptures describe time.

As many of you might aware of, in Hinduim time is not linear rather it is cyclical. Time passes through multiple phases of creation and destruction.

The world goes through a cycle of four yugas, starting from Satya Yuga to Treta Yuga to Dwapar Yuga to Kali Yuga.

Because the process of creation and destruction is cyclical, it begins to end and end to begin.

According to scriptures, we are currently in kali yuga. The yuga in which humanity has lost its touch with consciousness. It is also termed as the ‘Age of Darkness’- an age of profound ignorance.

We are yet to see the worst from humans before this world will be destroyed. Whether you believe in scriptures or not that’s up to you. But you can not deny the fact that ignorance is increasing in the world.

A lot of people asked me, is not 2020 really the worst year?

I say yes but only for humans not for the earth. Knowing that what we are doing with this planet and the creature living here, don’t you think if someone more powerful and intelligent than humans exist, he is doing justice.

People are getting more educated but at the same time becoming more incompetent to be called human beings.

Everything depends on individual humans beings. If you believe animals also deserve to live on this planet freely as humans, then start acting according to that belief.

It’s not the responsibility of some animal welfare organizations to raise voice for animals.

You were born with human qualities like sympathy, compassion, trustworthiness. Maybe it is in a dormant state within many people. All we need is to give rise to those qualities irrespective of schools teach us or not.

Along with teaching technical skills to children, teach them about animal’s welfare. Tell them to be compassionate towards animals.

You may think, will anything change even if I do any good?

Maybe not. Maybe we are really living in the age of darkness and things will get even worse afterward. But you try your best. Don’t ever beat any animal.

At least you can die in peace thinking that I tried my best to love and protect innocent animals in a dystopian world.

What you believe about animals? Do they have any rights?

Let me know in the comment section.

If you think this article worth your time then please share.

Have a great week. Until next time.



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