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Every Thursday I send out my insightful letter with 1 idea, 1 worthwhile book recommendation, 1 video suggestion , and 1 quote.

The goal of my letters is to share valuable ideas with you. Ideas that can bring positive changes in your life.

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While my long articles allow me to explore specific ideas in detail, my newsletter will provide you with valuable ideas and relevant books, video recommendations. 

What people are saying about the newsletter


I eagerly wait for Joy’s Thursday newsletters. He has an ingenious perspective on things affecting us unconsciously.

His experiences help me avoid making mistakes that I often regret. It gives me a new perspective towards life!

If you are searching for new ingenious ideas, have been searching for books/novels which could help in changing your life, willing to learn new skills but can’t decide which one to learn…..Joy’s newsletter/blog has insightful thoughts on all!

                                          -Piyush Mishra


Its excellent ⭐ , I like to recommend other because every newsletter is so insightful, love the simplicity , I felt so truthfulness in each newsletter , every newsletter is complete in itself , got to know so many interesting books through this newsletter, love the intentions behind every newsletter its so honest , pure. It’s provide so much meaning , wider perspective, . I felt so good after reading each newsletter.

                              -Sakshi Singh 


The newsletter is great. I take time to read them as they are simple, have a connection with reality, and honest touch. I would recommend it to others for the same reasons. Hundred times better than going through whatsapp forwards or some time meaningless social media content.

                                        Malini Menon


I love reading every newsletter provided every Thursday. It’s great to read someone else perspective. I generally like reading articles based on book recommendations. All the best in your journey. Your newsletter definitely makes our Thursday better.

                     -Ketki Joshi


Really liked the newsletter. Have forwarded your email to my close friends and will be recommending you to other people as well. I find the ideas you covered this week to be unique and relatable. You seem to be someone writing straight from the heart.

                     -Ashvin Raman


It is great and filled with incredible book suggestions and video clips!

    -Samanvaya Saraswat 


Good insights and very uncommon observations will help others to expand their visions and to dream more

               -Yeshvantha H S


It provides me with a lot of helpful tips to live my life better. There are also quite a bit of interesting book and video recommendations in these newsletters which are genuinely helpful.

           -Nikhil Rai Sahore


I find the Thursday letters very meaningful and informative. They inspire me a lot.

It reminds me on Wednesday that tomorrow’s lunch could be complete with your sweet dessert. Thanks a lot for giving such a positive wave every time.

“Information from the right source” is one of the important things in today’s world and you fulfill it completely.

                                         -Subhasis Dey

                                     (Doctorate Student)


Newsletters are really informative, dynamic, well explained with wonderful writing skills.

I highly recommend these to others not only because they contain very important topics but also these newsletters give the essence of positivity to be a better version of myself and to do something extraordinary in life.

Thank you so much for your awesome writing. Waiting for many more…

                        -Kripasindhu Karmakar



Your newsletter is quite impressive in terms of topics selection and writing skills. You share tons of insightful things from science and literature.

Your writing is simple, conclusive, and to the point. The picture with quotes are quite good way to express. I would like to recommend it to others because in your newsletter there are a lot of interesting things to read, learn, and I’m sure one would not be having difficulty understanding it.

                                 -Nelson Kandulna

                                       (M.Tech student)

I really like the newsletter, it’s not only about getting the info, it’s also about the beautiful stories, great people’s experiences and also my favorite part, that is the conclusion. How beautifully it gets concluded. Many times I was having different opinions but at the end of each writing, I really get convinced with the logic or with the story.

                                -Komal Agnihotri 

                                      (Engineer at GE)


It has innovative ideas rooted in science, Indian ethos and philosophy.

        -Hardev Singh Virk

(Professor in Physics, Punjab University)

Awesome content. Will definitely recommend it to others. 

           -Gaurav Prakash

           (Doctorate student)

The newsletter brings topics from various disciplines with in-depth research. I like the way things are interpreted.

                   -Rohit Sodha

                  (Sales Manager)


Many of the articles gave me a new vision to look towards life and to deal with daily chaos. It is indeed insightful and very informative. Heartily grateful to receive this newsletter.

                                     -Mansi Tyagi

Your perspectives and point of view about the different thing is really helpful. Your newsletters are really reader-friendly. So Cheers !

                                          -Deveen H.

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